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Region Springs, Guateng


Nokuphila gives life in numerous ways and exemplifies the spirit of giving back and endeavors to ensure the sustainability of the project through various initiatives.

Programme Description

Nokuphila supports orphaned and vulnerable HIV/AIDS children from Kwa-Thema and its surroundings, with 120 two-to-six-year old’s in the daycare centre and over 300 seven-to-eighteen-year-old children at the drop in centre.  60% of the children in the Early Childhood Development Centre (ECD) are orphaned or vulnerable due to HIV/AIDS whilst 100% of the children in the Drop-in Centre are affected or infected with HIV. The youth unemployment rate is currently very high currently at 36.9% in Kwa Thema. This has resulted in excessive drug abuse and dysfunctional youth in the area. There are no major industries in the area to provide meaningful employment and young people turn themselves to drugs and crime.

Programme Activities

Drop in centre

Children attend afterschool where Nokuphila provides a safe, nourishing and positive environment in which these vulnerable children can flourish.  The “Soul Centre” allows the children to express their emotions either individually or in group therapy sessions.

Children are provided opportunities for computer training and homework support as well as sporting and cultural activities.

Each child receives daily nutritional support

The centre takes education seriously and as such conducts life skills programmes for the children in the centre to help them deal with their challenges in and how they approach life.  They are real and talk about STD’s, HIV and AIDS as well as living with ARV’s.  They aim to empower the children to take ownership of their lives and make plans for their future.

Early Childhood Development Centre

Over 120 children attend the ECD centre daily where they receive the quality education and play by the teachers.

The Grade R class is registered by the Department of Education as the feeder to Grade 1.

Each child receives daily nutritional support.

Enterprise Development

The school demonstrates sustainable principles in its operations.  As the centre receives a mere R7 per child per day they have started a bakery and veggie garden to ensure that they make the most of the resources given to them.

70 loaves of bread are baked each day for the over 420 children, which are these are delivered to the children at their respective schools by the foot soldiers.

A remarkable aspect of the centre is how it involves young adults to volunteer to assist the children from the centre, as well as their families.  These “foot soldiers” walk into the township each day to visit the homes and schools of the children to assess health and safety issues ensuring a holistic approach to the development of the children.

These young men and women are inspiring and are great role models for the vulnerable children they mentor.  “We love to see other people being developed from their lowest level to the highest level they can achieve,” says David (21).

Starfish support

Starfish has been supporting Nokuphila since 2008 and continues to be involved in helping this organisation grow and meet its strategic goals.  Nokuphila was supported through a vegetable garden as well as a building project to build an additional classroom, new reception area and a new hall in 2014. Currently, Starfish is providing grant funding to support their programme fees and support costs.  Finance Training was also conducted in 2014 to build institutional capacity.


  • Cold room to store perishables
  • Books for the library
  • Linen and towels
  • Soccer nets
  • Bigger oven hub
  • Air-conditioned/ventilation system for the kitchen
  • Electricity upgrades for the centre